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Our Vision

The Vision We Cherish…

Our Development Vision stems from our ideological premises that the existence of a Healthy Community is the centrifuge of all dimensions of human development and the ‘God-given Nature’ with its abundant bio-diversities and the ‘traditional wisdom’ of the human being acquired over the generations for scientific and sustainable usage of these resources could ensure a holistic and harmonious human development.

Salient features of this innovative project are

  1. Ensuring primary level health security among tribal and rural families
  2. Conservation of important medicinal plants
  3. Technical guidance for the cultivation of viable species of medicinal plants.
  4. Organization of Farmer’s collectives for organic cultivation of medicinal plants, food crops & spices with buy-back arrangements.
  5. On-farm and Off-farm Employment for rural women
  6. Production and marketing of diverse kind of health products
  7. Large scale production of  selected healthcare/cosmetic products.
  8. promotion of organic farming and organic certification.

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