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Organic Wayanad, a charitable society started in the year 2003 for the sustainability of the small and marginal farmers. The operational area of the organization are Kerala,Krnataka and Tamilnadu states. It is registered under society’s registration act of 1860 section 21as register No 350/05.

Our aims and Objectives ...

  1. Organic agriculture development is the main thrust of the society. Under the vision of the society intends to promote activities related organic cultivation and ecological balance and thus to act for the benefit of the people of the area in common and for the organic farmers in particular.
  2. To amass knowledge and information regarding organic cultivation and development. To spread this knowledge into the people, and to find ways and means to put these into practice by adopting particular areas for action by experimenting organic methods of cultivation and formation of effective groups of farmers.
  3. To organize Governmental and Non-Governmental institutions, organizations and societies persons and common people who work with the same objectives to achieve the aim.
  4. To concentrate in studies, research, experiments and awareness programs on organic agriculture and development through the help of resource persons who are involved in this field. Such supportive activities may be organized under the leadership of different agencies directly or indirectly. To give deserving support to persons and institutions who are involved in organic practices and related activities under the purview of this society.
  5. To develop effective backgrounds for the value addition of organic produces under the purview of the society.
  6. To take favorable action for the spreading of modern technology on organic cultivation and its related fields.
  7. To undertake and put into action projects, research activities and such other programs that are intended to the development of organic cultivation in the area.
  8. To represent the opportunities to explain the various activities and aims of the society all over India and abroad, as necessary.
  9. To organize and strengthen village level farmers groups and through them support the voluntary activities in villages; to develop local organic market and to cooperate with the existing systems in organic marketing.
  10. To act against the destruction of eco-system and to aware the people about it.
  11. To preserve the traditional knowledge on agriculture, ways and modes of cultivation, seeds, soil and water conservation methods, health care etc.. and to find the scientific principles behind them and to spread these knowledge among the people.
  12. To help the farmers groups to market their organic produces in India and in foreign markets and to develop favorable background for the same.
  13. To conduct awareness programs and workshops among the farmers groups about organic farming.
  14. To facilitate organic certification to the organic farmers from an accredited certification agency
  15. To develop and manage effectively an Internal Control System (I C S) concerning the activities on organic certification and quality assurance


  • Trainings to Farmers, Women and Youth
  • Trainers Training
  • I C S Auditors Training
  • Trainings on Naturopathy
  • Internal Control System for quality production and certification
  • Procurement and value addition of organic products
  • Marketing promotion

Farm Certifications

  • NPOP (India)
  • NOP (US)
  • EU(European Union)
  • Fair Trade International standards

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