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Our Mission

The Mission We Pursue …

Our mission is to make people ‘sustainable partners’ of the nature and its resources. By empowering and enabling them ‘to take’ enough and compatible for a holistic & sustainable living. And equally to ‘give back’ to the nature in the same measures or more to ensure the qualitative and sustainable life & existence of the ensuing generations. The traditional wisdoms of the yester generations give us the guidance and the quest of the present take us ahead in our missions.

We Work with ...

In a destructive world to-day where the natural resources are unscrupulously exploited by the powerful and the tiny district Wayanad in  ‘God’s Own Country’ falling the focused prey in a predatory onslaught process because of the immense bio-resources it possess and the rich indigenous / traditional wisdom it reserves. Vanamoolika take side with lots of deprived and struggling Indigenous (Tribal) Communities, the Marginal / Small Farmers, and the Women in Wayanad:

  • To take them  back to the  ‘dependability on Nature & its Resources for a sustainable living.
  • For a sustainable  usage of  the  accrued Traditional Wisdom in the process.
  • To conserve & Preserve the Bio-Reserves and the Environment for a sustainable continuity of human life.
  • Economic & Social empowerment of Women as the torch-bearers in a holistic & sustainable development process of micro-communities and macro-societies.

The above strategic approaches are realized through its various programmatic involvements for:

  • Tracing back the  traditional  wisdom (Researches & Studies)
  • Educating the rural communities  to know the Bio-reserve pool at hand; but  being pirated.
  • Providing with institutional & marketing supports.
  • Enabling & empowering the grass-root communities  through their organizations  for sustainable usage of these bio-reserves  & regeneration of  them.
    • in their food system
    • in their health practices.
    • for their economic self-reliance.

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